Staff introduction

  • Manufacturing Department Vice-Director
    Minoru Ueda

    (Joining 17 years)

    As a leader in manufacturing processes that include not only tire cords, but also Twisted yarns, I supervise while checking the machine and quality so that from planning to shipping can be carried smoothly. Of course, While being helped by everyone
    In the past, they only produced tire cords that I can not see if completed, but they were glad to find famous vacuum cleaner head brushes and dental floss at supermarkets and were delighted.
    There’s a wide spread of ages, but they all work together harmoniousl。
    ※Looks like it looks scary, but there is no such thing, maybe lol
  • Manufacturing Department, Production Division 1
    Satsuki Iba

    (Joining 2 years)

    I am working on making tire cords. I'm in charge of setting up the bobbin and charge of putting in code.
    I am doing a lot of other work, and there's so much to remember, but I do my best every daywhile having my long-time working seniors tell me.
    It is a company that is very easy to work because everyone teaches me kindly.
  • Manufacturing Department, Production Division 2
    Noriko Niga

    (Joining 21 years)

    Twenty years have passed since I joined the company. We gave birth to the third child in the second year and I'm back after maternity leave.
    Every day is fulfilling, and 20 years have flashed by.The work of weaving is difficult and responsible, but I also find it Challenging job.
    I will do my best to work make better products.
  • Production manager, Inspection Division
    Yasumi Hayata

    (Joining 25 years)

    As soon as I graduated from high school I started working at this company. It will be the twenty five year in this year.
    I got a job, got married, had two children, and my eldest son graduated from high school this year.
    As I continued my work for a long time, there were a lot of hardships such as children's disease and school events, the fact that the company showed an understanding of parenting was also the reason for continuing my work for a long time.
    It is difficult to balance childcare and work, but I think it is very important to earn income while raising children. Being able to work in a company that can do that is supporting my life.
  • Labrador retriever
    Kai Kun

    (One year and nine months back then)

    Idol dog in the company that heals the tired heart of employees.