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Thanks to you, the customer, our company has seen 75 years since its foundation.
After being deployed, wounded, and returning home during the great war in China all those years ago, Iheiji Kitamura, thanks to his foresight into motorization gleaned from his experiences as a soldier, opened a business manufacturing tire cord with a mere three second-hand machines.
Four years later in February 1944, with an injection of outside capital, KOA Textile Industry Co., Ltd. was born.
Right in the milieu of the ensuing national defeat and the abolition of the controlled economy, as the first generation fell ill, the second-generation president Ihei Kitamura rebuilt the business, bought back shares from the outside shareholders, and in the period of high economic growth in 1963, established the present Haginohama Plant and went on to expand further and further.
Overcoming countless never-ending external factors such as oil shocks, the bursting of the bubble economy, the recession due to the strong yen etc., he continued for half a century as a fabricator of rubber reinforcing fabrics with a focus on tire cords, until I, the third generation, took up the reins.
On the 16th of September 2013, in the first issuance of an emergency warning since our system operation began, all of the plant’s buildings were inundated with muddy water due to heavy rains and the breaking of the banks of the Kamogawa River, delivering a catastrophic blow to the equipment and products, and leaving the company at the edge of ruin. However, we received both moral and physical assistance not only from our relatives and people in the local community, but from a huge number of wonderful people who worked together with us to get the mud off the premises, after which we recovered and have continued down to the present day.
“A true heart always shines”
Tire cord only appears on the surface when there is a blowout. It is the hidden strength beneath the surface which must never show its face to the outside world. We must always, always fulfill our role without deceit or double-dealing. I feel that this philosophy is our business creed, and is identical to the product characteristics of our reinforcing textiles.
Holding true to these values, KOA has developed into a company that makes products you can reach out and touch, with a sense of familiarity, such as dental floss, and motor head brushes for cyclone vacuum cleaners etc.
We do our best each day with the aim of creating a processing plant that embodies all different functions, not only that of reinforcing textiles, and to that end we humbly ask for your continued support and encouragement.

President and Representative Director Kazuhiro Kitamura

Company Overview

  • Founded:
    February 26, 1944
  • Capital:
    10 million yen
  • Executive Officers:

    President and Representative Director
    Kazuhiro Kitamura

    Auditor Isamu Totsugi
    (Certified tax accountant)

  • Headquarters Address:
    No. 1592 Katsuno, Takashima-shi,
    Shiga-ken (only as registered)
  • Plant Address:
    No. 16 Nagata, Takashima-shi, Shiga-ken
    PH: 0740-36-0005 FAX: 0740-36-1487
  • Site Area:
    12,606㎡ (Building Area: 7,665㎡)
  • No. of Employees:
    22 full time employees (8 men, 14 women) / Two part-time employees (one man, one woman) as of January 2019
  • Product Line:

    Tire cord

    For cars
    For motorbikes
    For bicycles

    24 tons monthly
    13 tons
    10 tons
    10 tons
    Subtotal: 57 tons

    Hose cord
    Filament cord
    (including for blanket spun-yarn)

    33 tons monthly
    30 tons
    Subtotal 63 tons

    Monthly Total: 120 tons

  • Shareholder:
    KOA Holdings Co., Ltd.

Company History

1940 Foundation
Started business as a personal factory beside headquarters (personal dwelling)
1944 Registered establishment as a company (legal entity)
Registered as a joint-stock company (purchased Katsuno Plant from individual owner)
Began integrated twist-fabric production of cotton tire cords
1949 Built extension to Katsuno Plant
Developed vinylon tire cord for bicycles
1957 Built second extension to Katsuno Plant
Increased production of vinylon tire cord
Developed vinylon hose cord
1963 Built Haginohama Plant
Produced 60% of all tire cords for bicycles nationwide
Increased production of cord for blade hoses
1965 Built extension to warehouse
Established a raw yarn/product storage and management system
1967 First period of construction on second plant
Increased production of export tire cord
1969 Second period of construction on second plant
Increased production of export tire cord
1971 Built extension to third plant
Began production of nylon tire cord
1975 Carried out work on interior finishing of second plant
Began production of tire cord for car
Carried out second plan to move to larger packages
1976 Built extension to worker dormitories at second plant
Implemented three-shift system, delivered signage
Strengthened product management system
Carried out third plan to move to larger packages
1983 Built a personnel office
Centralized office work, management, testing, and research
Built extension to warehouse
Diversified raw materials used
1985 Strengthened the Special Tire Cord Department
Developed hybrid tire cord
Made increases to hybrid tire cord
1986 Further strengthened Yarn Department
Strengthened reinforcing cord for hoses, and base-material cord
1989 Carried out flooring work on fourth plant
Added to equipment with the 20-spindle SP Wonder
1990 Purchased adjacent land
Replaced ten sets of automatic looms
1991 Introduced double twisters
Installed two units (240 spindles)
Established as supply system for knotless twisted yarn
1996 Introduced SLP twisters
Installed two units (120 spindles)
1998 Increased number of double twisters
Installed two more units (240 spindles)
1999 First instance of work on loom reform
Introduced first rapier loom
2005 Second instance of work on loom reform
Introduced three rapier looms
2006 Increased number of winders
Installed three more units (18 spindles)
2010 Built fifth plant
Changed layout, began operation of plant specializing in cord
Introduced TO vertical looms
Introduced two tire cord vertical looms (208 spindles)
2011 Third instance of work on loom reform
Introduced fifth rapier loom
2012 Fourth instance of work on loom reform
Introduced sixth and seventh rapier looms
2013 The plants took damage from typhoon No. 18
Four shuttle looms were destroyed, and three rapier looms were relocated
Changed layout
Relocated two filament throwing machines, and installed one new one
Installed two more precision winders, and one more doubler
Began solar power generation project
Equipment capacity of 80kw
2014 Increased number of filament throwing machines
Installed eight more half-ring throwing machines (104 spindles)
2015 Introduced GT-type multi-thread doubler
Installed a new back-stand six-thread doubler equipped with sensors
Introduced ten-inch rings
10kg wound knotless twisted yard and wind
2016 Began new agri-business
Began producing functional plants as ingredients for health food products
Transitioned to a stock-holding company system
KOA Holdings Co., Ltd.
2017 Began production of bamboo-screen knit
Began production of bamboo-screen knit air suspension
Increased installation of knotless yarn spinning equipment
Introduced a 12-thread doubler equipped with sensors (a world first)
2018 Introduced air-jet looms
Increased equipment in the field of tire cords for racing bikes
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  • Factory equipment2