Business Details

Tire Cord Department

This has been a core department since the company’s foundation.
Tire-cord fabric refers to a type of cloth which has a very thick vertical thread (warp) and a fine and rough horizontal thread (weft) and has an appearance similar to the bamboo screens which are used as sun shades.
It has been a little over 100 years since the pneumatic tire was invented. In all periods, tire-cord fabric has been used in the core/framework of the tire. From the earliest steam-powered cars, through to the combustion engine, hybrid cars, all the way up to electric cars, tires have continued to be used, and those tires have been supported by tire-cord fabric.

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Our Company’s Strength... The Wide Warp Yarn Range

Our company’s strength would have to be the extremely wide yarn range of the warp.
Our standard production includes products which go from the thinnest with a 7000-thread warp of 66 nylon, 210 denier, up to thick products with a 680-thread warp of polyester, 12000 denier.
We can even produce custom made items with warps of 25,000-30,000 denier.

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Our Company’s Strength... We Handle a Diverse Variety of Materials
We deal in a wide range of materials, including our main three, nylon, rayon, and polyester, but we are not limited to materials used in tires, and we produce tire-cord fabric in designs aimed towards customer needs, including vinylon, aramid, as well as hybrids of the above.
We are also the only company in Japan that produces tire-cord fabric from spun yarn. This is also used in ships’ engines, and supports the Japanese shipbuilding industry in areas such as naval escort vessels etc.
Twisted yarn for tire cord2

Filament Twisted Yarn Department (hose reinforcement textiles etc.)

Since the beginning of business in the domestically-produced synthetic fiber “vinylon filament” in 1960, we have developed the use of blade strengthening in filaments in the field of hoses which was previously based around reinforcing rolls of fabric.

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Our Company’s Strength... The Capacity to Process Warp Yarn up to a Maximum Wound Quantity of 10KG without any Knots
We have equipment which can process textile materials such as vinylon, polyester and rayon which are “Low in ductility, high in strength” into twisted yarn without any knots up to a maximum wound quantity of 10KG, and then rewind it onto a spool.
Additionally, aramid fabric, which is used as a substitute for bead wire, is put to an expanding set of uses other than hose-reinforcement, such as use in spring belts etc.
Filament twisting for factory3

Spun and Twisted Yarn Department

We provide twisted yarn of such high performance and precision that in addition to being used in important safety-related parts in vehicles such as fuel hoses and turbo hoses, it is put to uses you would think of for spun yarn, such as its use as a foundation cloth in photogravure printing etc.

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Our Company’s Strength... Techniques Unique to Our Company in the World
Our company is the only company in the world that can produce folded yarn with no defects or knots, using an optical sensor to eliminate flaws, out twisted threads of spun yarn (cotton or even synthetic fibers spun into thread), from single-thread twine to a maximum of 12 threads in one.
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Air Suspension Department

The chassis of most tour buses and large trucks etc. are supported by air suspension.
Also, it is used in the suspension of the flagship representative of the Japanese automotive industry, the LEXUS-LS. Newer-model train carriages, including the shinkansen, also utilize air suspension for its rideability and stability at high speed.

Our Company’s Strength... Supplying Almost 100% of Twisted Yarn Cord in Domestic Air Suspension

Through the use of our own equipment, we supply almost 100% of all twisted yarn cord for use in domestically-produced air suspension.

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Lifestyle Products Department

In co-development with a manufacturer of compound materials, our twisted yarn is used in many different lifestyle products such as in the development of even more highly-adhesive dental floss, and in the manufacture of bristles for the “motor head brush” in cyclone vacuum cleaners.

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Our Company’s Strength... Co-development of Dental Floss
With the increase in awareness of dental care in recent years, the consumption of interdental brushes and dental floss has risen substantially. Our company has, in co-development with a manufacturer of compound materials, released an even more highly-adhesive (more effective at cleaning) dental floss onto a market that had previously been dominated by dental flosses made from twisted polyester or nylon etc.
Dental floss product
Our Company’s Strength... Our Twisted Yarn is Used in the Bristles of the Motor Head Brush on the Cutting-edge Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner
Our twisted yarn is used as the bristles for the cutting-edge model “motor head brush” in the currently extremely popular cyclone vacuum cleaners.
Motor head brush product

Health Food Ingredients Department

Stress is around every corner in modern society, and so it’s no surprise that interest in health is increasing, and many types of supplements are making their way onto the market.
At KOA, we are engaged in the factory cultivation of a succulent plant known as the Ice Plant which uses biosynthesis to produce pinitol, which is said to work as an osmotic pressure adjusting substance to increase metabolization of glucose.

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Our Company’s Strength... Shipping as the Base Ingredients of Health Food Glacitol®
After organic cultivation and dry-powder processing at our fully sealed plant factory, our products are shipped as the base ingredients for the health food Glacitol®.
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